Updated 2nd September

This morning, I'm sure there was some trepidation in some households for what the first day back after such a long time away might hold. Normally, the night before term starts I sleep poorly but last night I didn't stir at all which I took to show that we had done all we could to ensure things were ready to welcome the children back safely.

And so it has transpired. I saw so many happy and relaxed children this morning at the gate and then later this morning, went to visit each class in turn to talk to them from the doorways (to keep their Bubbles intact). There seems to be a sense of ease and purpose to all that I saw and many were taking part in lessons about 'struggle'. 

We have a few things to iron out that that appeared today but nothing major or to be unexpected.

To our Reception children coming to St Michael's for the first time, we sincerely welcome you to our school, and hope you have a happy seven years with us. 


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