St. Michael’s C of E Primary School, underpinned by its Christian Foundation, seeks to balance the importance of high academic expectations with providing a happy and ordered school community where children of any race, ethnicity and culture have equal opportunities to excel. Within such an atmosphere, all children are enabled to develop and thrive as they prepare to face the later challenges of teenage years and adulthood in a rapidly changing and challenging world.

Governors and staff are together ambitious for the school. They vigorously take up the challenge of new initiatives, whether they are school or government led, in order to provide a school that is positive and forward thinking. 

2019 is here and we begin this new term full of optimism; we aim to build on all the great things that have come before and welcome the new opportunities and challenges that will face us.

Andrew Cumpstey, Headteacher

School meals can be ordered each week through our pre-ordering system.  They should be ordered by the Wednesday of the previous week to enable us to order with our suppliers.  This is done through a simple online form.  Meals should be paid for in advance through ParentMail. 

pdf Spring 2 Menu 2020

Week beginning 2nd March - Week 1 of new Spring 2 menu




















At St. Michael's Church of England Primary School


  •  The Christian life underpins our life and work together
  •  Childhood is valued for its own sake
  •  The children are encouraged to develop a deep, life-time love of learning
  •  We strive for excellence as we learn together
  •  Achievements in every aspect of life are celebrated
  •  We serve and support the children, their families and the whole school community

Plain items may be bought from any shop. 
Items with the St Michaels Logo on them, and t-shirts/hoodies in the KS2 house colours, can be ordered online from and either delivered to school for collection, or can be picked up from the premises on Springwood Industrial Estate. 


St. Michael's School Uniform 

Boys School Uniform:

Grey Trousers / Shorts

White Shirt or Polo Shirt

Royal Blue Jumper

Grey Socks

Black Shoes


Girls School Uniform:

Grey Skirt / Dress / Trousers

White Blouse or Polo Shirt

Royal Blue Jumper or Cardigan

Grey Socks / Tights

Black Shoes

In summer, a blue and white gingham check dress may be worn



Key Stage 1 Sports Uniform 

Physical Education Kit:

Pale Blue Polo Shirt

Royal Blue Shorts

Trainers are required for outdoor P.E.

A tracksuit may be worn in colder weather

Key Stage 2 Sports Uniform 
Mandela - Green  Shakespeare - Red
 Edison - Purple  Thompson - Blue

Key Stage 2 Physical Education Kit:

T-Shirt in House Colour

Royal Blue Shorts

Trainers are required for outdoor P.E.

A tracksuit may be worn in colder weather

Hoodies are available in house colours