St. Michael's

Church of England Primary School

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Week Beginning: 23rd March 2015

Weekly Menu: January 2015

Week 2



CYO assembly

Y4 visit to Royal Opera House to perform

Foundation Stage visit to Boydell's farm



Foundation Stage Topic Sharing afternoon (2:40 - 3:15)

ASK club



Easter service at St. Michael's church

Cross Country finals at Southend Y3 & Y5



Y6 Parents Consultations

  • School of the Year

  • Sports Awards Winners

  • Fun in the snow

  • Den building

  • One big child!

  • Frost

  • Fun in the snow

  • Launching rockets

  • Lift off!

  • Parachute testing

  • Floating not sinking

  • Magnets everywhere

  • Sticky friends

  • Investigating light

  • Y6 Lego creation

  • Y6 Lego teamwork

  • Harvest Display

  • Harvest Display

  • Harvest banner

  • Collecting for Harvest

  • Harvest Assembly