Governors of St. Michael's School

Jennifer Bailey

Chair of Governors

Foundation Governor: Expiry Date of Office: 31.8.2021

I am a Diocesan Representative on the Governing Body and have been Chair of Governors since 2009. Before retirement, I was a Chartered Librarian, Primary School teacher and eventually Deputy Head in a Special School in Thurrock. I am a licensed Reader at St Michael’s Church.

My particular interests have been Literacy and Special Needs. I was also involved in introducing ‘Understanding Christianity’ as an RE resource. I am frequently in school and regularly take assemblies. I attend all the Committee Meetings but the role of Chair is delegated in all these. I regularly meet with the Head teacher and Vice Chair and we have excellent relationships with each other.

I am in regular touch with all Governing Body members and constantly ensuring that there is a range of skills and expertise on the Governing Body. I am in the process of writing ‘job descriptions’ for each Governor to ensure their involvement.

I try to ensure that all staff and Governors feel valued and so spend time getting to know them and am informed if staff are ill, pregnant, have problems etc. so that they receive cards and good wishes from the Governing Body.

I with Chairs of Committees, Head teacher and the Clerk plan an annual calendar of meetings.


Graham Savill

Foundation Governor (Diocesan Appointment) Term of Office: Expiry Date: 02.02 21

I am retired from paid work where I was with British Telecom for 38 years. I am married to Sandra, have two children and three grandchildren. I am a member of St Michael’s Church and am a Diocesan representative on the School governing body. I was a Scout leader for over 45 years and have always been keen to promote the physical, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing of children and young people.

I am on the Premises Committee and take a keen interest in all things relating to the school building and the grounds.

I also run Spotlight Club for Year 3 children and help in classrooms.


Sue White

Foundation Governor (PCC Appointment) : Term of Office Expiry Date: 22.06.20

I have been a governor at the school for over 8 years. As mother to two boys aged 15 and 12, I have experienced the school as a parent as well. I have been a member of St. Michael's Church for 13 years. I used to be an administration manager at a large retailer. Six years ago I retrained as a teacher and teach a Year 2 class.

I am on the Pupil and Personnel Committee and Curriculum Committee. I am Chair of Curriculum Committee.


Helen Bartlett-Rawlings

Chair of Admissions Committee

Foundation Governor (PCC Appointment) Term of Office Expiry Date: 02.02.21

I have three children, all who have in the past been at St Michael’s School. I have a variety of roles. I oversee the organising of fundraising to help raise the 10% governors are required to fund towards building projects and maintenance. I am chair of trustees for the school fund (the school’s charity account) and the Premises and Pupil and Personnel subcommittee. I also chair the admissions committee who are tasked with ensuring the school’s admissions criteria is correctly applied for a place at the school.


Rev Nigel Adams

Minister of St Michael’s Church
Ex officio

I took over at St Michael’s Church, Braintree in September 2017 and have been delighted by the excellent links between the school and the church.  It is clearly a school which offers both an outstanding education and also the opportunity for the pupils to grow up learning something of what the Bible teaches.  It is a privilege to be involved in assemblies at the school and to be able to welcome pupils from the school to our church as we celebrate the major Christian festivals.

St Michael’s is the third Church of England School at which I have been a school governor and I will do all that I can to support the school in continuing to provide an outstanding education for all of our children, in the context of a Christian ethos.

Janet Perry


Chair of Finance

Foundation Appointment (PCC) Term of Office Expiry Date: 31.08.22

I was first appointed as a governor of St Michael’s School in 1999, when my sons Luke and James attended the school. I was asked to take on the role of Chair of Finance, and have continued in that role for the last 18 years. More recently, I have also taken on responsibility for Admissions and Appeals.

I am also a foundation governor at the Colchester Royal Grammar School, where I serve as the Chair of Governors.

My background is in Finance and I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, and a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants.

My financial career of more than 35 years has been in healthcare, initially working in various NHS organisations across Essex, then more recently in a large London Teaching Hospital and before that in Whitehall for the Department of Health, as the NHS Chief Financial Controller between 2006 and 2013.

Ben Whitlock

Parent Governor. Term of Office Expiry Date: 30.06.20

My first interaction with the school came when my eldest son joined in reception and graduated from Year 6 in 2016. It was at this stage that I volunteered to play a more involved role with the school and was appointed as a Parent Governor in 2016. Now I have four other children attending St Michael’s and living by the school’s values.

I am working with the Curriculum committee as well as the Finance committee.

Outside of school life I have worked in the Corporate Banking industry for 20 years. Working in the City of London, my responsibilities include assisting corporate businesses to import, export and trade internationally.


Debbi Botham

Local Authority Governor. Term of Office Expiry Date : 20.01.21

I have three children, all of whom attended St Michael’s, and first became the Local Authority governor at the school 16 years ago. I am also a parent governor at a secondary Academy in Colchester. This has given me a wealth of experience, including Headteacher recruitment, performance management and school-led improvement. I am a member of the Pupil and Personnel Committee.

After starting my career in teaching, I worked as an HR Professional for 20 years before becoming Governor Services Manager for EES for Schools. Here I am responsible for providing information and advice to support Essex governors in the critical work they do, including having the strategic lead for governor and clerk development.

I am currently a member of the Personnel Committee, chair of the Headteacher’s Performance Management panel and Training Link Governor. This means making sure that governing body members keep up to date and develop the skills and experience they need to support continuous school improvement.

I am also a Governor at Chelmer Valley High Chelmsford.




Alan Burgess

Mr Alan Burgess PGCE, Ba (Hons)

Co-opted Governor: Office Expiry Date 09.01.20

Recently I was employed as  Curriculum Manager for Construction at Barking and Dagenham College. At present am working in the City of London. I am a qualified teacher, having achieved my PGCE in 2012. I am an avid West Ham United supporter and I have three wonderful children, one of whom attends St Michael's School and is in Year 2

In November 2015, I was interviewed for a Co-opted Governors position and was formally appointed in January 2016. I am a committee member the Premises & Buildings Committee, Curriculum Committee and Full Governing Body Committee. With a strong understanding of education & curriculum management, and with extensive knowledge in construction, I have a keen interest in the school estate (particularly where improvements and safety are concerned). I have a strong passion to ensure that every child at St Michael's schools can reach their full potential through a strong curriculum.


Jenny Keable

Co-opted Governor: Term of Office Expiry Date:  05.12.16- 05.12.20

I retired from St Michael’s School in August 2013 having worked there as a teacher in different roles since April 1980. Initially I did supply work covering teachers who were absent and as such taught all ages across the school. In 1984 I took on the SENCo role as the Code of Practice was introduced and this is where my greatest interest lies. I saw the post develop and the increasing employment of the LSAs to support the vulnerable children as more and more statements were allocated. I loved the job and helped to support the staff and parents as an increasing awareness of children with special needs meant more were included in mainstream. My main area of responsibility will be SEND and I am a member of the Curriculum and Pupil and Personnel Committee As a member of staff, I was on the governing body in the eight years before I retired. I am happy to take up this role and hope I can be of help to the school where I enjoyed working.


Caroline Benbrook

Foundation PCC Appointment

November 30 2017 – November 30 2021



Rachel Grove-Smith

Term of Office: 30.11.17- 30.11.21

I am a Diocesan representative on the Governing Body and sit on the Pupil and Personnel Committee and Curriculum Committee.

I have two children, both of whom are at St. Michael's. As a family we attend Holy Cross Church in Felsted where I am involved with the children's work. I am part of a team who take Assemblies in local schools. I have expertise and interest in Collective Worship and RE.

My background is in teaching primary school age pupils and I have been an Assistant Head Teacher.  

Hayley Bland

Elected Staff Governor September 2018


Michael Goodman

Elected Parent Governor December 2018

Michael Goodman is a professor at King’s College London.  Both of his children attend St Michael’s.  He is a parent governor, elected in December 2018, and responsible for sports at the school, as well as chairing the Premises committee.


Andy Cumpstey

Ex Officio

Head teacher of St. Michael's Primary School